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Red Indonesian Agate Obelisk (3”-4”)

Throughout history, Red Agate was known as the Warrior’s Stone. No matter which side they were on, soldiers would wear this stone to stay safe from injury amid battle.

Many crystal practitioners believe that the stone’s protective qualities persist today. Some believers seek the stone out as a totem that connects to guardians above and Mother Earth below.

Of course, the stone’s protective nature doesn’t just apply to physical hazards. At its core, the meaning of Red Agate is tied to passion, self-love, and perseverance.

The fire-red color represents the flames of passion in life. Red Agate can help you keep that fire burning, ensuring that dark energy doesn’t dim your shine or stop you from living your purpose. Perfect for those caught up in a constant state of refusal, the passionate energy of Red Agate helps to instill a newfound sense of enthusiasm for everything.