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Carnelian (Chip) Bracelet


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Associated with the root chakra, carnelian’s Latin title meant flesh, which is why it became treasured in a Light healer’s kit for any “flesh” oriented problems, and they were not alone in their reverence. Egyptian master builders and architects wore it as a sign of accomplishment. Metaphysically we can use this symbolism in becoming the masters of our fates, physically and spiritually.

The energy vortex of Carnelian has the courage of a lion and roars like one too. When you want to find your voice and deliver a message consider this crystal like a spiritual candy gram – the information arrives safely, with all necessary understanding.

Egyptians conveyed, however, that the shade of the Carnelian changes its application and aspect. The lighter color (orange) symbolized the Goddess Aspect. The darker red was the God aspect. In either form this stone has strong protective elements keeping illness at bay, and particularly plagues. When you work with Carnelians safeguarding energies it will ask you: What is your plague?

Perhaps pause and think on that carefully because the Carnelian knows you can’t move on until you figure out what holds you back. In many instances, the color association implies difficulties in the area of love, desire or passion. Red is fire, and when fire burns too hard, too fast and is all consuming it either dies or has to be put so as to avoid more carnage.