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Crystal Dream Set

This crystal dream pouch contains five crystals to help aid you in your dreams. It includes stones that will help increase lucid dreaming, astral traveling, improve restfulness, and assist in memory retention of your dream's details. In our use of these pouches, our dreams have been far more linear and memorable, with more lucid dreams than usual. They are amazing!! Each pouch will include five different crystals - amethyst, blue tiger's eye, labradorite, blue calcite, clear quartz. It is designed to be placed under the pillow during your sleep.

Amethyst is used in curing nightmare and insomnia. it improves dream recollection and promotes peaceful sleep.

Blue Tiger's Eye: For protection, clear thinking, and insight.

Labradorite: Shows us our goals & intentions. Helps see through illusions.

Blue Calcite: Encourages rest & relaxation. Cleans negative emotions. Good for astral travel.

Clear Quartz: Amplifying dreams. Helps with dream recollection.

Sleeping Tips:

When you awake from a dream, have a pen and paper ready to recall the dream. This will help you so at a later time you can see some aspects of the dream playing out. I use the notes app on my phone so whenever I wake up it's handy and easy for me to add to it throughout the day if my memory starts coming back.

Also, have a glass of water on the side of your bed. Before you go to sleep hold it up to your chest and say some affirmations that will help to recall a dream. Then drink half of the cup of water, leaving the rest near your bedside. Water is powerful. We are made mostly of water. When you wake up drink the rest of the water, which will help to improve dream recollection.

Materials: amethyst,clear quartz,blue tigers eye,labradorite,blue calcite