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Laguna Lace Agate Bracelet (8mm)

This stone has the ability to stimulate and stir the creative clockwork in the minds of artists, poets, and the like. This stone is said to imbue art with complex and though-provoking themes that not only makes a work of art look beautiful, it also turns art into a conversation—a dialogue among ideas, concepts, and opinions. It also helps the wonderful people who go into mathematics-related endeavors to become more precise in their field.

Laguna Lace Agate is also a great stone because of its emotional healing properties. It grants strength and perseverance which can lead to positive changes in one’s outlook in life. This stone helps one act and make tough decisions during trying times. But most of all, it helps uncover hidden circumstances, or what I’d like to call limiting beliefs, that interfere with a person’s well-being. By removing the bitterness of trauma, Laguna Agate is a helpful stone to move forward in love and in life.