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Leopardite (Tumbled)

Leopardite polished gemstone that is a form of Jasper and balances the emotions and enhances self worth and acceptance of others and ones self. It helps us take a good look at ourselves and others and and not take criticism to heart. Leopardite has a peaceful energy and assists with emotional stress and with difficult situations, letting go and change. It is a stone that helps with sorting out and resolving problems. It assists with giving and receiving forgiveness and to reduce guilt and fear from past mistakes. Leoparite also is believed to help diminish negative emotions such as hate, insecurity and anger. This crystal also assistes with bringing abundance, which can lead to success in work and business. It is also thought to increase creative abilities that provide new insights and ideas that can lead a person forward. Metaphysical healing lore says that Leopardite assists with mental and spiritual aspects of our lives and is especially an emotional healer.
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