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Smoky Quartz (Tumbled)


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Smokey Quartz Qualities

Neutralizes energy
Stimulates kundalini
Balances the root chakra
Psychic protection
Enhances telepathic sounds
Promotes peaceful sleep
Promotes personal pride, self esteem, group collaboration and joy in living
Cures various ailments: fatigue, stress, depression
Opens the path for perception and learning
Naturally Irradiated!

Smokey quartz stone is naturally irradiated, making it an excellent choice for treating the radiation sickness that often arises from chemotherapy.

Place a smokey quartz stone directly over a painful point on the body for 20 minutes and watch how the pain mysteriously feels better. Where should one use smokey quartz? Well, it's been said to effectively treat ailments of the hips, legs, abdomen, kidneys, and pancreas, and increase back strength. It's said to relieve PMS, toothaches, fever, muscle and nerve pain, and headaches, and increase back strength. Smokey quartz also aids in the assimilation of minerals and regulates liquids within the body.

Neutralizes and Balances Energy

It has long been believed that quartz neutralizes energy, bringing balance within the body of the wearer. These beliefs are appealing to people suffering from mental strain, stress, illness, and excessive empathy. Smokey quartz stabilizes internal energy and is extremely grounding, making it a very useful tool for those that work in the professions that treat ailments of the mind, body and spirit. All forms of quartz are most efficient as grounding and anchoring tools. Quartz successfully treats depression, fatigue, stress and fever. It has also been known to successfully treat addictions, obsessions, and overactive minds. Smokey quartz gently reminds us to let go of energy that no longer serves a purpose.

For the mind, smokey quartz is a mood elevator. It is positive in polarity and promotes clear insight and pragmatic thinking, while enhancing security, safety, bringing emotional calm and removing fear. It is an excellent stone to remove blocked energy in the root chakra so that passion can freely flow. Smokey quartz is a great stone to use before meditation.